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November 18, 2016

On an Election Day where few races were predictable, we are proud of the support that West-MEC received in the 2016 election and excited to announce the passage of this year’s bond! 

Various issues and candidates brought people to the polls, and they had many important items to consider. How someone votes is a very personal decision, but we feel in our hearts that it was the quality of West-MEC programs, and the great work done in our community, that ultimately tipped the bond in our favor.

Career and technical education is one of the best values in education.  It is included as part of the student's public school education, so it is provided as part of their school day essentially training them for a career before they graduate high school.  Even college bound students can save the state and their families’ money, because they have gone through West-MEC programs while still in high school.

West-MEC has kept its promise to build premier regional education centers, as well as expand its offerings in adult education.  West-MEC has delivered on its previous bond projects since 2012 with fiscal responsibility, while building regional facilities benefitting our community and improving the quality of life.

Community leaders, partner districts, volunteers, financial contributors and so many others understand the importance of career and technical education and we thank them for their support now and throughout the years.

We’d also like to thank the Mayors from throughout the valley and Supervisor Clint Hickman who wholeheartedly supported this effort. They understand that high quality education leads to high quality jobs and in turn creates high quality communities. We thank them for their leadership on this issue and the students of West-MEC will benefit from it for years to come.

Finally, we’d like to thank you, the voter. Your support of West-MEC has been unwavering throughout the years and we have never taken this support for granted. We commit to being good stewards of the tax payer dollar and promise to deliver quality educational opportunities for our students now and into the future.

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