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Ten elected officials encourage yes vote on single issue

October 19, 2016
News Release

In this highly politicized and divisive election cycle, there are not many issues people agree upon in the upcoming election. However, in an unprecedented show of support, nine city mayors and a Maricopa County Supervisor have joined together to ask voters to vote yes on a single issue.

This bi-partisan group of elected officials is asking voters to vote yes on the 2016 West-MEC Bond. In fact, no other issue on the November 8th ballot has the support of this many mayors. Here are a few things these community leaders are saying about the West-MEC bond:

Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Clint Hickman:

“As a fourth generation Arizonan, I have a unique perspective as to what makes our state great. My up-bringing has helped me understand the important tie between quality educational opportunities and success later in life. I also know that there are many paths to success and so I believe in and value the role of West-MEC in our community. This election, I urge you to vote yes for West-MEC.”

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton:

To complete internationally, we must support an education system with multiple paths from high school to post-secondary education or career training.  Every student deserves the chance to learn career skills or obtain industry certification.  West-MEC and its 12-member school districts are leading the charge with career and technical education, offering work-oriented classes to high school students. Join me in supporting the West-MEC bond.”

Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord:

“Career and technical education is one of the best investments we can make in education, helping us attract jobs and build a workforce for companies to hire. We need to build a strong workforce to sustain our long-term economic growth. This is why I urge you to support the West-MEC bond on November’s ballot.”

Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat:

“I am focused on attracting new business and jobs to Peoria and maintaining Peoria’s quality of life. Ensuring there are quality educational opportunities for all students will help us reach these goals. This is why I support the 2016 West-MEC bond and urge you to vote yes.”

Surprise Mayor Sharon Wolcott:

Recognizing that jobs require a trained workforce, we are excited for West-MEC’s 19-acre technical education center in Surprise, opening next August. I am dedicated to supporting job creation and quality education because they go hand in hand. Voting yes on the West-MEC bond is an opportunity to do both.”

Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck:

“Passing the West-MEC bond will set us up for future economic growth.  It will create more opportunities to obtain a technical education and we will be preparing our high-school graduates with the skills they need to be hired by local companies.”

Avondale Mayor Kenn Weise:

“West-MEC is a unique public school district that focuses on hands-on learning, leadership development training and industry certification to help prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s careers. I urge you to show your support for West-MEC by voting yes on this bond.”

Litchfield Park Mayor Thomas Schoaf:

“West-MEC gives students education options focused in areas, such as Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Science, Automotive Technology, Aviation Technology, as well as courses at high schools spanning eighteen different industries. Join me in supporting West-MEC by voting YES on the West-MEC bond.”

El Mirage Mayor Lana Mook:

“Students who enroll in West-MEC have higher education rates and increased success after graduation. The West-MEC bond will expand high-tech learning facilities, which are outfitted with innovative tools and equipment to prepare students with the experience they need for high-demand, high-skill, and high-wage careers. Please join me in our effort to support West-MEC.”

Youngtown Mayor Michael LeVault:

“Voting yes on the West-MEC bond supports our community and grows our workforce. Join me in voting yes!

Since 2002, West-MEC has grown significantly providing career and technical education across the North, West, and Northwest Valley. Career and technical education programs combine academic and career skill development and provide students with college credits, internship opportunities, and industry certifications.

Over the next few years, West-MEC is expected to more than double in its student population and grow from 21 central programs to 40 central programs. The 2016 West-MEC bond will help bring more programs to the Valley, such as construction trades, health/dental and veterinary training, and heavy equipment and heavy diesel specialties.  It will also allow the purchase of additional land to build new campuses.

The average cost to the homeowner is very minimal – approximately $6.06 per year on $100,000 of assessed valuation.

More than 700,000 registered voters will have the opportunity to support these efforts with a yes vote for the 2016 West-MEC bond. On Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, voters will decide on $141 million bond package, which will be sold and used over a ten-year period.

For additional information about the impact of career and technical education and details about the bond, visit

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